Other Membership Awards

Greatest Net Gain in Membership from February 1, 2013 to January 31, 2014

First with 10 new members - Altrusa of Lake City, FL
Second with 9 new members - Altrusa of Live Oak, FL
Third with 5 new members - Altrusa of Spartanburg, SC
Third with 5 new members - Altrusa of Starke, FL

Membership Incentive Awards

To encourage membership growth and attendance at District Three Conferences, a monetary incentive plan was approved by the District Three Board of Directors in June, 1996. Based on categories of net gain in membership, clubs receive funds to help offset the cost of attendance at conference. These funds can only be used for payment of conference registration fees for the conference immediately following the determination date for this award. To receive the award, a club must have delegates seated at the conference in which the credit is given.

3-5 Members  $25.00 credit
     Altrusa of Lake County, FL
     Altrusa of Monticello, FL
     Altrusa of Orlando-Winter Park, FL
     Altrusa of Salisbury, NC
     Altrusa of Spartanburg, SC
     Altrusa of Starke, FL
     Altrusa of Tampa, FL
6-8 members $50.00 credit
     None given
9-11 Members  $75.00 credit       
     Altrusa of Lake City, FL
     Altrusa of Live Oak, FL
12 or more members $100.00 credit
     None given
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