Newsletter Award

Purpose: To promote effective communication within and beyond the club.  Club newsletters are intended to be timely, concise and reader-friendly ways of communicating with current and potential members of Altrusa International, Inc.  Electronic distribution makes that cost effective, timely, and possible for all. Note* All club newsletter editors would do well to use the judging criteria as a planning guide from the beginning of the club year.

Summary: The judges were three non-Altrusan - a writer and editor, a former journalist and current social media analyst, and the creative director of a graphic design studio.

Criteria: Criteria of the award: Four areas - Content (60 points), Format (13 points), Readability (10 points) and Distribution (18 points) for a total of 101 points per judge or 303 overall.

There were 10 entries for the award:
  • Altrusa of Caldwell County, NC, The Paper Clip, Editor: Betsy McRee
  • Altrusa of Charlotte, NC, Altrusa Accent, Editor: Jennifer Drumm
  • Altrusa of Gainesville, FL, Altrusa Newsletter, Editor: Kim Pace
  • Altrusa of Lake City, FL, Club View Newsletter, Editor: Angie Jones
  • Altrusa of Lake County, FL, High Heels with High Ideas, Editor: Nanci Schwartz
  • Altrusa of North Georgia, GA, North Georgia Altrusan, Editor: Pam Marshall
  • Altrusa of Orlando-Winter Park, FL, Keynotes, Editor: Maryanne Kravitz
  • Altrusa of Spartanburg, SC, The Altrusan, Editor: Pat Smith
  • Altrusa  of Starke, FL, Newsletter, Editor: Cheryl Canova
  • Altrusa of Waynesville, NC, High Ideals, Editor: Pat Janke

Award Recipients
1st with 269 points
Altrusa of Lake City, FL

2nd with 249 points
Altrusa of Lake County, FL

3rd with 207 points
Altrusa of Spartanburg, SC
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