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Altrusans are always leading to a better community.Clubs throughout the world are working to make their communities a better place to live in.

District Conference Service Project

A significant event at each annual District Conference is a district-wide service project selected by the host club and supported by all Altrusans in the District.

In 2014, in Jacksonville, the project was Furry Friends at Conference!

 In recognition of Governor Colleen’s passion for teddy bears and the desire to provide a pleasant familiarity for children who face a medical experience, the conference service project was dedicated to collecting new teddy bears. Many furry friends accompanied participants to the 2014 District Three Conference. Those who traveled alone to the conference were given the opportunity to purchase a furry friend at conference.

Altrusans donated bears of all sizes, colors and in various costumes with the hope of bringing comfort to a child. Due to the generosity of our district, FIVE HUNDRED teddy bears were donated to Wolfson Children’s Hospital as gifts for children who are treated at the Lake City, FL; Jacksonville, FL; Clay County, FL; or Brunswick, GA centers.

One member shared a Garfield comic strip with Tammy Hall, Conference Co-Chair: Jon says “Garfield, I feel unloved.” In the next frame Garfield hands him a bear. Then in the final frame Jon says “Thanks” with a very satisfied smile. Garfield responds “A teddy bear’s work is never done.”

In the words of Mamie L. Bass: “Altrusa believes it is not enough to be good; Altrusans must be good for something.”

District Three Altrusans showed their goodness with the overwhelming response to the participation in the conference service project.

District Clubs' Service Projects

Our club members are involved in a variety of service projects related to the community and area. We welcome new challenges and the opportunity to serve those who appreciate our time and effort.
Furry friends greet conference participants as they registered.
A cuddly friend shares the spotlight with Megan Long, Community Development Coordinator, Wolfson Children’s Center, the guest speaker at the Governor’s Banquet.
Lake City Altrusans (Left to right): Barbara Thomas, Linda Chambers, Teresa Morgan, and Wanda Toner.
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