Each year at the District Conference, a time is set aside to remember those Altrusan who are no longer with us.  At the 2013 Conference in Asheville, NC, the following Altrusan were remembered for including Altrusa as part of their lives.

Connie Cannon, Atlanta, GA — April 20, 2012

Connie became an Altrusan in Nashville, TN in 1976. She served as their President from 1978-1980. She moved to Atlanta in 1981and immediately asked to become a member of the Atlanta Club!

Along with serving as Committee Chair for many of the Club Committees, she also served as President for three different terms. On the District level, Connie served as Treasurer. She also served as a Trustee of the District Three Foundation from 1999-2003. In 2007, she was asked to fill the unexpired term of Treasurer, Marguerite Branch, following her death. Connie continued to serve in this capacity until her own passing.

On the International level, Connie served on the International Foundation Board from 2005-2009, and during the last two years she served as the Vice-Chair.

Thoughts from her club:
Connie’s loves were her family, her church and Altrusa. She exemplified service in every aspect of her life – always willing to do for others. She always said “yes” when asked to serve on a committee, be an officer or help with a project.

Connie is greatly missed by her club members and her friends in Altrusa.

Florence Lamborn-Johnson, Orlando/Winter Park, FL — February 13, 2013

Florence was born in Goteborg, Sweden on December 16,1912. She was educated in the United States and was fluent in four languages. She married Rolf Lamborn, a newspaper correspondent, and they had a life of constant travel.  During the Korean War while she was a correspondent for Reuters News Service, Florence received the Combat Medical Badge for helping care for wounded soldiers in a medical field hospital. The couple moved to Winter Park, FL in 1955.

Florence became an Altrusan in 1956 when she became a Charter Member of the Winter Park, FL Club. She served as Club President in 1973-1974.

Florence wrote two books, “Swedish Women in “Korea”, and “One Life”. She also translated several children’s books from Swedish to English for Viking Press including several about Pippi Longstocking. Florence was instrumental in establishing the club’s “Interpreter Service Project”. As a world traveler she was aware that in times of illness or emergency in a foreign country a person who speaks your native language is a “God send”. The project established a listing of local residents who could aid foreign travelers in the Orlando area when needed. Eventually Disney Corporation took over the service, but it was Florence who recognized the Need and helped make it happen.

Florence was an active member in her club for many years until her health would no longer permit. She became an Emeritus Member of Altrusa in 2007.

Thoughts from her club:
Florence accomplished much in her 99 years. She was a wife, mother, war correspondent, newspaper woman, published author, public speaker, world traveler and a dedicated Altrusan. She was a remarkable woman: we were honored to have known her and to have been her Altrusa Sisters.

Flossie Poe, St. Augustine, FL — March 31, 2013

Flossie was born in Rushville, IN on July 1, 1911 and moved to St. Augustine in 1922.  She was a Charter Member of the St. Augustine, FL Club. She served as Club President and Chaired many Committees over the years.

On the District level she served as the Information Chair.

Flossie championed & Chaired flying American flags on the Bridge of Lions during the Iran hostage time period and also to honor America’s military. She received the prestigious “de Aviles Award” from the City of St. Augustine for outstanding community service. She was known for her leadership in the community and how she influenced other women to become involved.

In her later years, Flossie moved to Macon, and for her 101st birthday (on July 1st) she received a resolution from the Board of Commissioners of Bibb County Georgia designating July 1 as Flossie Richardson Poe Day.

Some of Flossie’s other accomplishments include:
• Worthy Matron of Eastern Star
• President, St. Johns County Garden Club
• President, St. Johns County Cancer Society & served on the state board
• First female President of St. Johns County United Way
• President, Federated Women’s Club & served on District and State levels
• Awarded life-time membership in the Federated Women’s Club

Rosalie Hagie Sink, Statesboro, GA — September 24, 2012

Rosalie was born in High Point, NC and moved to Statesboro, GA in 1980. She retired from Franklin Chevrolet after 30 years as the Assistant to Robbie Franklin, owner. Rosalie was very active in her church and choir. She was a member of the Statesboro, GA Club for 8 years. During that time she served on the Service and Membership Committees.

Along with her service in Altrusa she was a member of the Cherokee Rose Garden Club, Bulloch Council of Garden Clubs, Statesboro and the Business & Professional Women’s Club.

Barbara Whitaker, Asheville, NC — August 3, 2011

Barbara became an Altrusan in 1979 and was a Charter Member of the Asheville, NC Club.  She was an Altrusan for 32 years.

In her Club she served as Director (twice), President-Elect (twice) and as President (twice) as well as being actively involved in all Club Committees over the years. In 1984 Barbara served as the District Conference Co-Chair.

On the District level, Barbara served on the District Nominating Committee, and in 1990-1992, she served as the Chair of the District Special Events Committee.

Thoughts from her Club:
Barbara was a warm, vivacious and energetic lady…and an outstanding Altrusan. She continually promoted Altrusa within the community, brought in numerous members,
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