Ernestine Milner Program Excellence Award

Purpose: Ernestine Milner Program Excellence Award is based on the concept that good program planning is the key to a successful club. Ideally, programming should provide Altrusans with opportunities for fellowship, service, personal and professional growth; as well as influence member participation and attendance.

Summary: The judges were three non-Altrusans – a retired Deputy U.S. Marshall who was also an Executive Vice President of Sales for Industrial Laundries; a retired High School English Teacher; and a full-time mother and part-time Veterinary Technician and Dog Trainer.

Criteria : Relevance (40 points), Quality and Balance (15 points) and Participation of Membership (10 points) for a possible total of 65 points from each judge or 195 overall.

There were 12 entries for the award:
Altrusa of Charlotte, NC
Altrusa of Gaffney, SC
Altrusa of Gainesville, FL
Altrusa of Lake City, FL
Altrusa of Lake County, FL
Altrusa of Monticello, FL
Altrusa of Ocala, FL
Altrusa of Orlando-Winter Park, FL
Altrusa of Spartanburg, SC
Altrusa of Starke, FL
Altrusa of Statesboro, GA
Altrusa of Waynesville, NC
Ernestine Milner, Governor 1951-1953
Award Recipients
1st with 195 points:

Altrusa of Starke, FL 

2nd with 180 points:
Altrusa of Gainesville, FL

3rd with 177 points:
Altrusa of Charlotte, NC     
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